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Friday, 18 April 2014

Pastel Sponge

Day 2 of the challenge brings us to the prompt "pastels". I grabbed a whole bunch of pastel shades and just started painting!

I did 2-coats of the following:

Zoya Gie Gie (pink) on my thumb, Zoya Blu on my index, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow on my middle, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mint Sorbet (green) on my ring and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Lacey Lilac on my pinkie.

Once the base coats were dry, I sponged on all the colours over all my nails to give a muted watercolour kind of effect.

I then did a coat of Orly Goin' To the Chapel to give it a kind of pearly effect. I don't know that the pearly effect really came across in the photos but it really looked beautiful. I should have taken a picture in the sun (if only there were sun this time of year, lol!)

Then I chose an image from on of my MoYou plates and stamped it on my pinkie, ring and thumb. I added a couple rhinestones to the remaining two fingers and ended up with something I think is really pretty. I got lots of compliments on these at work.

Haven't started tomorrow's look yet, yikes!

Happy painting friends!


  1. I can see the pearly effect. Makes it kinda romantic.

    1. I'm so glad you can see the effect! I was worried it didn't translate properly.

  2. I love this look - so delicate and ethereal!

    1. Ooh, I like the word ethereal. Thanks!!