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Friday, 14 February 2014

Recreate Another's-Valentine's Week Challenge

Happy Valentine's Day. It's the last day of the challenge!! Oh my gosh I've really enjoyed this. It's been great having a focus for a week.

Day 5-Freestyle/Recreate Another's

Today's prompt was either doing your own design or recreating one that someone had done during the challenge. I really wanted to do a riff on what someone else had done since there have been so many great designs this week. I chose to take inspiration from Valerie Wilson at Nail Artsy. She did a purple background with a simple and beautiful rose design on it.

Here's my take:

without flash

I started with a base of Zoya Belinda which is an absolutely gorgeous deep purple. I then added the rosettes with a nail art pen.

I then added a layer of deborah lippmann Diamonds and Pearls which is just a beautiful shimmery overlay.

with flash

I then blinged the heck out of my ring finger (can you see that the bottom jewel is a heart?).

It's obviously not exactly like Valerie's but I was definitely inspired by her design.

I'm so glad I took part in this challenge. There are much longer challenges which I hope to be a part of but I know I'll have to plan it a bit better!!

Happy painting friends!

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