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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Hearts-Valentine's Week Challenge

I had an epic fail with the first manicure I tried to do with this theme. I think it'll make my blooper reel at the end of the year!

Day 4- Hearts

What says Valentine's Day more than Hearts? There are so many beautiful things you can do around this theme and I must admit I was overwhelmed with choices. I finally settled on doing a lace effect with hearts in the center.

I started with one coat of deborah lippmann Run Run Rudolph which is officially my new favourite red. It goes on so beautifully and it's only one coat! J'adore!!

I then went in with a black nail pen and did the lace detail. I did a similar design in white and blue which you can view in my Blasts from the Past post.

with matte top coat

It's not as clean as I would like it to be but I felt a little rushed with this one.

Tomorrow is freestyle or recreate someone else's look. Again, I haven't even started this one! ARGHH, I should have planned a little better.

Happy painting friends!


  1. Cute design! :) and the red is lovely

    1. I love the red! It's a new obsession of mine, lol. I'm so glad you like the design :)

  2. ERMAGAWD I love this one!!

  3. I absolutely love this one, the matte top coat is amazing on it! :)

  4. Yeah I really like it with matte as well. I wore it during the day with just the glossy finish and then decided to try the matte when I got home. Wish I had worn it like that from the start!