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Friday, 9 May 2014

MoYou London Stamping Challenge: Superhero

When you think of superhero you probably have pictures of Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Thor, etc, etc. But when I think of superhero, I think of the people who are truly inspiring and who fight against obstacles that are placed before them. One such superhero is one of my former colleagues, Jeanne. She was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago and has been fighting her hardest ever since. I've never seen anything but a smile on her face and her faith is both amazing and inspirational. She touches the hearts of everyone she comes into contact with and I knew I wanted to do a beautiful design for this very beautiful person.

I started off with Pure Ice Outrageous on four of my fingers and Zoya Purity on the ring finger. The dots were just done with the opposite colour and a medium dotting tool. The breast cancer awareness ribbon was from the OPI breast cancer set that came out last year and then I stamped on the hearts using Zoya Purity and MoYou's Princess Plate 14.

I wanted to have the heart image in there as Jeanne has such a big heart and I feel like this one is perfect as it looks like it's swelling up with love.

I attended a fundraiser for Jeanne last night and if you'd like to contribute to this amazing woman's recovery, you can donate at

I hope you enjoyed this very special tribute to a very special person.

Happy painting friends!

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