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Monday, 5 May 2014

MoYou London Stamping Challenge: London

I bought the London version of MoYou's Tourist Collection (plate 05) for a few reasons. 1) My husband is from England 2) I lived in England for three years 3) it's super cool!

Boy did it come in handy for today's look!! The prompt was London for today's stamping challenge and of course I had to use this plate!

I really dig how this turned out but holy cow was it a struggle! I redid the red finger about five times. It started as a London bus (but my finger wasn't big enough), then it was "keep calm and carry on" (but I kept smushing the words too much and after three attempts I had enough) and finally I chose the Tube map. I liked how the routes extended onto my finger so I didn't clean that part up.

I wanted to come up with something more innovative than what I did but I've had a headache all day so of course nothing was cooperating!

Happy painting friends!

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