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Sunday, 10 November 2013


The title makes this sound like it's James Bond nail art but it's just literally gold fingers! Lol. My sister in law bought me Ciate ladylike luxe a beautiful gold colour and some gold caviar beads. She's so sweet! I played around with some ideas and thought it would be cool to do some super glam nails.

I did a base of the gold on all fingers and then drew on the rosettes using black and gold nail pens. The ring finger sports a gold glitter by Color Club (I wish it had a name attached as it's absolutely beautiful!). On the thumb I poured on the gold caviar beads.

I can't say that the caviar beads were the easiest to work with. There were a few bare areas and the edges weren't even. I think I need to do some investigation to find an effective way of applying them.

I also find that it makes my thumbnail look HUGE! In comparison tot he other nails it's monstrous with so many beads on it. I really like the idea of the beads but I think I need to figure out how to make them work for me a bit better.

These would be good nails to wear for New Year's or to Vegas, lol.

I hope you enjoyed them.

Happy painting friends!

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