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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Zoya Days Pt 3, Tomoko

Ready for a gold stunner? Here is another Zoya polish that I recently purchased. This one is called Tomoko and is from the Pixie Dust collection. Again, I love this polish! It goes on like a dream and is just so stunning I can't stand it. I think this will feature heavily in my holiday nail art.

It reminds me of bubbly champagne and is just so pretty! I off course had to do some nail art with it so I busted out Zoya Delilah and added some hearts.

I'm in love! Again!
I know I'm gushing a lot about these polishes but they are just so beautiful and lovely to work with. I'm sure I'm going to be buying more of Zoya in the future!

Here is the design in the sun:

The first pic is a bit out of focus but you can see how the polish really sparkles in the sunshine.

Tomorrow is another beauty!

Happy painting friends!

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