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Saturday, 30 November 2013

If you Like it Then You Should Have Put a Stripe on It

I saw this beautiful blue from China Glaze (Sparks Will Fly) in my stash the other day and knew I had to use it. It's a magnetic polish which means that you can put a magnet over the wet polish and it will form into a design (the magnet comes with the polish). I'm not a massive fan of using the magnet; I just love the colour of the polish! I wanted to keep it simple so I just did one coat of the China Glaze and then used a silver nail pen and put in a couple of stripes.

So simple but so effective! The silver lines did get a bit smushed in a couple places but that's only noticeable if you look really closely.

I love this colour as it is really heavily pigmented and goes on so easily. This whole look took me no time at all, yet I think it is stunning. I can see me wearing this in many different shades.

Happy painting friends!

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