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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Polka Pals

My friend Kaycie allowed me to take over her nails once again and this time she asked for polka dots. She chose some bright colours and I got to work.

She picked out a pink from LA Color Club Color Craze (no name attached) as the base and chose a green and a blue for the spots. I honestly don't remember which colours she chose, whoops! I've never forgotten colours before; must be getting old, lol.

I used a large dotting tool for the dots. It's a lot harder to do on another person than on yourself!

I think the overall effect is very bright and happy, just like Kaycie is! The greatest thing is that she took inspiration from the design and decided to do it herself for a Halloween mani.

How awesome is that? She said she used the top of a pin for a makeshift dotting tool. I'm so impressed with her and so glad that she showed me! Such a nice surprise.

Please feel free to contact me if you try any design I post.

Happy painting friends!

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