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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

OPI Breast Cancer Awareness Polish

My dear husband went on a conference to Arizona and he picked me up a present of nail polish. I was so happy; he's such a good guy. He bought me the OPI Breast Cancer Awareness polish set which comes with two polishes and some nail stickers. I didn't use the stickers but I used both of the polishes.

The pink polish is called Pinking of You. I love that name. The glitter is called More Than a Glimmer. Both polishes are beautiful and have great application.

I decided to do a glitter gradient with these polishes which I have never actually done successfully before. Maybe that's why I really like this glitter, it actually worked fairly well in the gradient!

I sponged on the glitter concentrating on the tips and then working down. I'm happy with how this turned out and hopefully I'll be able to do more glitter gradients in the future.

October was actually breast cancer awareness month but I think it's never too late to show some support.

As a total aside, I'd like to give a shout out to my American friends. You've eclipsed the Canadians in page views over the last couple days. Thanks so much for the support!!

Happy painting friends!

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