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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

In a Galaxy Far Far Away...Called Vernon!

I'm going to take a break from the Christmas designs I've been doing to show you the last nail art I did for my friend Carrie when I was visiting her in Vernon. I love the galaxy design and since she is a scientist (biology not astronomy though) I thought I would do it for her.

She guessed what is was right away which made me very happy :)

I started with a base of Sally Hansen Black Out and then sponged on a load of colours mostly from Orly and Essie.

I then went in with one of my nail pens and drew in little stars. The best thing is that as I am typing this I have Songza on and the Imperial March from Star Wars has come on. So perfect!

The galaxy mani is really quite easy to do. You just need to layer colours with a sponge. I usually start with dark and go lighter to build up the colour.

Thanks Carrie for the use of your nails :)

Happy painting friends!


  1. Hi! I'm coming from the Will Paint Nails for Food link-up. :) I love that you have a search bar right under your banner, and a contact form! Your photos are nice and bright and clear. A few suggestions - put all follow/social media buttons at the top of your sidebar, I hate having to search for them. And while I love your banner, the type gets a little lost in the pictures. Perhaps try making the font type a bit brighter? Cheers & good luck to you! :) (edit: you might want to consider turning off captcha - I often won't leave a comment on a blog that has it. disqus is a good alternative.)

    1. Hi behappyandbuypolish!
      Thank you so much for reviewing my blog! I really appreciate the comments and have tried to be proactive on making changes. I moved the "follow by email" link to above the contact form to make it easy to find. I don't have much of a social media presence yet but I will definitely place the buttons in areas that are easy to see when I do!
      I tried changing my banner a bit as I was wondering if it was hard to see the words so I'm glad you commented on that. I am not 100% sold on what I've come up with but I'll keep trying and see if I can get a better looking banner.
      I have turned off captcha. I wasn't even sure what it was when you mentioned it. I had to google it :)
      Thank you for your kind words about my photos. It's my main stressor with my blog! I've been rather immobile for almost the entire time I've been posting so it's been hard to capture the right light.
      Now I'm off to check out your blog and comment!

  2. Hello, I also arrived here from Beginning Blogger's Bootcamp... I agree with behappyandbuypolish suggestions... I just would like to add that maybe you should consider the opportunity to increase the width of the text area.
    Photos are good and your blog is well structured.
    Home it helps.... have a nice day!

    1. Hi Rebenice, Thanks so much for visiting and providing feedback. I have gone in and adjusted the width of the text area. What do you think? I like it better!
      I'm going to return the favour and comment on your blog :)