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Saturday, 7 December 2013

It's Still Snowing but on Someone Else's Fingers

I visited one of my best friends from university and got to spend time with her and her fabulous kids. They are three and five and some of the best behaved children I've ever met! The next couple of days I'm going to have posts that feature her and her daughter.

Today's nail art is on my friend Carrie's nails. I had to shake my finger a bit at her and give her a bit of a lecture on keeping her cuticles healthy! She is a biologist and a lot of her time is spent digging around in dirt so I gotta give her a bit of leeway I guess ;) but girlfriend could benefit from some cuticle oil!

My favourite thing this season seems to be snow so I had to do a similar design to what I did on Kaycie's nails, just in a different colour.

I started with a gradient using Natural Collections Lunar Haze and Essie The Lace is On. I then added a layer of glitter over the top of the gradient and a Color Club glitter on the accent finger.

I then used a white nail pen and drew on the snowflakes.

I really love this design and think it's so festive and beautiful! I haven't done it on my own nails yet though but I'm sure I'll be rocking it out soon :)

Happy painting friends!


  1. I have a question about cuticle oil - Is it better to buy a specific product for this or can I use a dab of any cooking oil I have? I usually have coconut, peanut, and sunflower oil on the go. Is one better than another for cuticles?

    1. Good question! I have heard of people using coconut oil and olive oil on their nails and having success. I haven't heard of anyone using peanut oil or sunflower oil though. If you are serious about your nail care, I really suggest reading this post from The Lacquerologist. She is a nail tech and she outlines everything you need to know about nail care. Very helpful.

  2. Oh thank you! Will definitely check that out!