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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hey Mickey you're so fine...and Minnie is pretty cool too!

Yeah, more Disney nail art!! I am now on the Island and have access to my dad's camera so hopefully you'll notice a difference in the pics. I have spent the majority of the afternoon so far trying to figure out how to put a watermark onto my pics and I've learned two things:
1) It's way way harder than I previously thought
2) I rely A LOT on my husband to help me with computer things

As I am not near him right now, I'm trying to figure things out on my own and it's not going well! That's life I suppose and I'll just have to keep plugging away at it.

On to the nail art! I thought I would do some more Disney nail art as I love it oh so much. If you aren't familiar with my love of all things Disney, you soon will be as I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of art around this theme :)

I love them oh so much! On the thumb is Minnie Mouse polka dots with a bow, on the index is Mickey heads with red polka dots, on the middle is Micky's shorts, on the ring is a red, pink and white confetti and on the pinkie is Mickey's glove.

So what did I use?

Thumb=Colour Club Look Book (possibly my favourite red!) and then using a tapered cotton swab I dotted on the white polka dots using Sally Hansen White Out. Then I added in the black bow using my black nail pen.

Index=Sally Hansen White Out and then using a tapered cotton swab again I painted on the Mickey heads and the red polka dots.

Middle=Kleancolor Golden Nightmare and then using the trusty cotton swab I roughed in Mickey's shorts. When those were dry I added in the buttons using an Art Club yellow and then outlined everything with a black nail pen.

Index=Sally Hansen White Out and then two coats of OPI Minnie Style (which is actually a range of Minnie Mouse inspired nail colours).

Pinkie=Kleancolor Golden Nightmare and then again with the cotton swab and some white to make the glove. Finish it off with black accents and job done.

Whew! That was a lot!! I hope you love the pics and the nail art. I do :)

And just because she is really cute (and a bit of a mess), here's a pic of my dog.


  1. Mini is my favorite. Kia's tag adds to the Disney theme. Nice work.

  2. Yes, Kia is pretty stylin with her Mickey tag! Maybe when you finally let me do your nails I can do Minnie ones.

  3. Remember when I wanted that Minnie Mouse doll of yours forever??!!! Hahah!
    These look great Tam, but how are your nail beds not destroyed!!!??? xoxoxo

  4. Thanks Kristin! I use a base coat to protect my natural nail before each polish application and I use the heck out of some cuticle oil to keep everything hydrated!