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Sunday, 29 September 2013

I Wish I Had a Dress With This Pattern! (Watercolour Nails)

I think I've found one of the easiest nail effects to do! All you need is nail polish, saran wrap and some patience during clean up. I can see me wearing this when I get back to work. It's so easy to do!

I love love love this look!! I don't even know that the pictures do it justice as it's so pretty in person and really looks like a watercolour painting.

I started with a base of L'oreal Sweet Chiffon which is a light pinky colour. I then took Essie For the Twill of it (a grey that shifts from green to purple), Vested Interest (a grey/green) and The Lace is On (a shimmery magenta) and blobbed on big spots of each (along with the Sweet Chiffon) randomly around the nail.

Here's where the magic happens; you take a piece of saran wrap and squish it onto the top of your blobs and just tap around on the polish to spread it. Then peel off the saran wrap and you get this amazing pattern! I considered doing a tutorial for this look but I'm just going to give you the link to the website I got this look from, Polishandpearls. Jen does a great video tutorial and I highly recommend you watch it if you would like to try this look out.

Because I like to give options and show you other colour schemes, here's another one:

For this one I used a base of LA Colors Color Craze light beige (no name was actually attached). Then I blobbed on Orly Moonlit Madness (deep red) and Sea Gurl (pewter metallic), and LA Colors Color Craze bronze (again no name attached).

There will be clean up. Oh yes, there will be clean up. Because you are squishing large blobs of polish you are bound to get it all over the sides of your nails and into your cuticles. You can avoid the majority of the mess by either putting tape around your nail so you can just peel it off after or use white school glue. You paint the school glue around your nail, let it dry, do your art, and then scrape the dried glue off taking the excess nail polish with it.

You can do any color combo you like but I do recommend using a light base as it will make the colours you blob on top pop a lot more.

Happy painting friends!!

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