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Thursday, 26 September 2013

We Scare Because We Care! Monsters Inc. Nails

Ok, I know. I just posted Disney nail art yesterday but I've really been wanting to do some Monsters Inc. nails and I'm really proud of these ones! Monsters Inc. is one of my favourite Disney movies (although I have a lot of favourites!)

On the thumb we have the Monsters Inc. symbol, on the index we have Boo's door, on the middle is Mike, on the ring is Sully and on the pinkie is Randall.

For the thumb I used two coats of Sally Hansen White Out and then using (you guessed it!) my nail art pens I drew in the M and the eye.

On the index I used White Out again and then again used my nail art pens to draw the details on the door.

On the middle finger I used Sephora by OPI It's Totally Karma as my base and then I painted on the eye details using a paint brush and a mixture of colours to achieve the desired results.

On my ring finger I used Color Club Evolution for the base and then used something I've never tried before, velvet flocking powder. I bought it off eBay about a month ago and haven't had cause to use it but I thought it would be perfect to replicate Sully's fur. I painted on my base coat and then when that dried I used a clear coat and dotted that on randomly for the purple spots. I then sprinkled the flocking powder onto the nail and had to push it down into the clear nail polish so it would stick. I shook off the excess and repeated with the blue powder. It's not as "fluffy" as I was hoping it would be but I think it looks cool.

On my pinkie I used Sephora by OPI I Don't Bite to represent Randall's skin and then I went in with a craft scraper and roughed it up a bit to make the scales. I don't think it comes across in the photos very well.

I really enjoy these nails. I think they are super fun! Let me know if there is any Disney art you'd like to see (or any other suggestions you may have!)

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