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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Two for the Price of One

Hello friends! Today is an exciting day as I have two different nail art designs to share with you and it's a family affair. The first comes courtesy of my BFF and pseudo-sister. She is awesome and has given me a present a day for 12 days after my surgery. It culminated yesterday with a gift of nail polish! Who doesn't like a good gift of nail polish?!? It's always so exciting to get new colours :)

The brand is Crush by Boathouse but unfortunately they don't have any names attached to them.

I started off doing a side gradient with the three colours (pink, blue and a really deep purple) and then added some silver dots using one of my nail art pens,

And because I like a good bit of sparkle, I added a top coat of Sally Hansen Diamonds.

I dig it! The pics don't really do it justice unfortunately but stay tuned as mid next week I'll have access to my dad's camera.

Now on to my second lot of nail art. I asked my dad to pick out 2-4 colours for me to make into some nail art and he chose 1) Beautifully Disney Ocean Mist 2) Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow 3) Sephora X Perplexed

I myself was a little "perplexed" as to what to do with these colours and had to think long and hard on what to do. So I did what I do...gradient!

I started by painting on 3 base coats of the Mellow Yellow (it's a little streaky so needs more than my general 2 coats for a base). Then I painted alternating stripes onto a sponge of the other two colours. (Ocean Mist is the green and Perplexed is the chrome.)

When I finished I was a little scared! It looked like I'd dipped my hand in the swamp, yikes!

But I wasn't deterred; I felt I could still make something cool out of this. So I went to my trusty nail art pens and picked a copper colour to go with the swamp mess and went to work making some leaves.

The flash kinda got in the way of this pic so here's another...

Do I love it? Ummmm, it's not my favourite but it's kinda cool. It wouldn't be a style I would rock on a regular basis and I don't think the pics do the style any favours but it's interesting. I might try this type of gradient with an open leaf design with a different colour combo.

Hope you enjoyed this double dip!


  1. I like how your bff features prominently in your post. She sounds like an awesome gal!

  2. Gorgeous for a night out!