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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 Blooper Reel

Sometimes you have an idea in your head and it just doesn't translate onto your nails or it looks great in person but doesn't look that amazing in a photograph. I thought I would do a post on things that didn't quite work for me last year.

Number 1:

I really liked the above design but it just didn't come across properly in the photos. I wasn't satisfied with the quality of the colour in the photos. The green is Sally Hansen Jet Set Jade and it is so much more vibrant in person.

Number 2:

This design was an attempt at a vampire one I did for Halloween. It looks so amateur I was just too embarrassed to post it. The bat on the moon was a bad proportion, the blood doesn't look good, it's just not great!

Number 3:

I actually loved loved loved the above glitter design but the colours did not pop in the photos. It is supposed to be a lavender/silver glitter with a light green gradient. It looked so pretty on but you can barely tell the difference between the two colours. Hopefully with my new camera I'll be able to get colours that are true.

Number 4:

This was an attempt at a distressed look that I got inspiration from Chalkboard Nails. The idea is that you do a base of various colours and then use a black polish to give the distressed look.
She did such a great job with hers and mine just didn't turn out. I should probably follow her tutorial! Plus the fact I didn't have a black to hand to actually make the distressed look complete, the whole thing just didn't work.

Number 5:

This is the watercolour look that you achieve with saran wrap. It's pretty easy to do and I actually didn't mind this look (although my husband told me it looked messy) but my clean up was terrible and as you can see in the above pic, my cuticle is absolutely flooded with polish! I took these pics with my new camera and it picks up all your mistakes.

I hope you enjoyed this rather revealing post of some of my mistakes. These were designs that actually made it to the photographingphase! Some don't even make it that far before I scrap them, lol.

Happy painting friends!


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    1. Thanks Shereen. I loved it too! I just wish I could have captured the colours. They were so vibrant in real life.