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Monday, 20 January 2014


Contained in my nail mail the other day were five piCture pOlishes. This is a brand from Australia I've been dying to try as there are so many good reviews on other blogs. I was not disappointed! I decided to use serenity (a really pretty blue/green with a ton of shimmer) and jasmine (a beautiful lavender colour with lots of little bits of colour).

I did a manicure very similar to my New Years one from this (last?) year.

I called it Ariel as someone at work mentioned that it looked like the colours the Little Mermaid wears. Being the massive Disney fan that I am, I latched right onto that connection!

I used two coats of the jasmine and one coat of serenity. I LOVE piCture pOlish!! The formula is amazing, it goes on like a dream and it's so heavily pigmented you don't need many coats. And just look at that gorgeous colour! I'm obsessed! I want all the colours now, lol.

You can purchase these colours and more through Nail Polish Canada. (I think I'll be buying more soon!)

Happy painting friends!

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