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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

St. George Vs. Dragon

I love a england polishes! I got four new ones in my nail mail the other day and I wish I had ordered more. I knew I wanted to get a bunch after seeing them so many times on other blogs but I didn't realize quite how amazing they'd be in person. I don't think photos do these polishes justice! I got St. George (dark green) and Dragon (light green) for the purpose of doing a gradient. I saw this on another blog and I wish I could remember which one!

I can't even express to you how gorgeous this polish is. Dragon went on beautifully in one coat and I know St. George does the same.

I wish I could capture the full extent of their beauty. Love, love, love! I'm sure these will be in high rotation.

Happy painting friends!


  1. Is there no limit to your creativity? Amazing!

  2. You are too kind. As I say in my post this was similar to another blog that I saw and had to try it. Just wish I could remember which one!! I appreciate your support :)