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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Purple Bling

Carrying on with more of the polishes I got in my recent nail mail, today I'm featuring two purples from a england. The first one is the lighter purple called Jane Eyre and it is simply stunning. The second is Avalon and it appears almost black but there is a beautiful purpley shimmer when it catches the light.

I accented this just with some simple purple rhinestones in a wavy design.

with flash
I like the simplicity of this design and wish I had gotten better pics. I just built myself a light box to even out my lighting so hopefully my pictures will be better in the future (though I'm still trying to get used to it).

So far I've loved all my a england polishes and I would love to get the new ballerina collection. Maybe I'll have to wait for my birthday ;)

Happy painting friends!

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