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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Winter Roses

Now that we are past Christmas I thought I would move on to some winter nail art. I got so many new polishes for Christmas and I've enjoyed experimenting with them. I achieved this look by starting with a base of a England King Arthur (two coats). I'm so glad I got an a England! I've been dying to try them and I have more on the way. King Arthur is a really beautiful dark grey and I thought it'd be a great base for this look.

Inside lighting

Natural lighting
I then used OPI Die Another Day to make the roses. I just used the corner of the brush and dabbed on some roundish blobs.

I then went in with a pale/nude nail pen and gave the roses their accents and used a green nail pen to do the leaves. I finished the design with silver dots put on with a silver nail pen.

I really like the a England I got and I can't wait to try out more of them! This design is good because it's fairly simple to do and you can do it on both hands without too much trouble.

I did a rosette tutorial as one of my first posts but I may have to redo it and add some better pics.

Happy painting friends!

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