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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Black Magic

One of my friends back in Britain asked me to do a cat and witch design. She said she was going to try to duplicate it so I wanted to keep it simple and let you know how I achieved it.

This is the finished look:

All the nails started with a base of Sally Hansen Black Out (my favourite black at the moment). On the thumb I added a layer of Sally Hansen Diamonds and then added some small stars.

On the pinkie I did the cat paws. These are pretty simple to do. I used the end of one of my paintbrushes and dotted on the base of two paws using Essie Steel-ing the Scene (which is used on all the fingers).

I then used a tapered cotton swab to add the smaller paw details.

Cat paws done!

My ring finger has half a cat's face. I started by doing the eye which is two triangles with rounded edges separated a little to give the impression of a pupil.

I then added a dot for the nose and three lines for the whiskers. All the details were done using the tapered cotton swab.

The other two nails were done, again, with a tapered cotton swab. It's a great tool if you don't have dotting tools or paintbrushes. I can't say anything about the witch's hat and cauldron on these two fingers as I just painted them on. No special technique.

I like the monochrome of this look but I think if I were to do it again I would stick to the cat and just do more paw prints instead of the witch designs.

I hope you liked it.

Happy painting friends!

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