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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Leather Polka Dots

When my friend Kaycie came for a visit she brought me a gift of nail polish! My favourite kind of gift. It's a type of nail polish I hadn't tried before, a leather effect. Super cool, right?!? It's by Nails Inc. and they have a pink, blue, grey and black. Kaycie got me the black and I thought it would great paired with a glossy black. I applied a base coat of Sally Hansen Black Out and then dotted on the leather effect nail polish using one of my dotting tools.

It's a very subtle look but it's pretty classy!

I couldn't stop touching it. The leather effect nail polish didn't feel like leather; it's rougher and kind of pebbly.

This is a pretty simple design but |I really liked it. Definitely something I will wear in the future.

Happy painting friends!

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