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Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Phoenix Will Rise

Sometimes I do a design that I am so utterly proud of I never want to take it off. This design lasted two full days on my nails which is virtually unheard of for me!!

It's also extra special because I did the design for my cousin who has been having a really hard year. He came for a visit and it was so good to see him and give him a hug. I asked him to pick out some colours for me to use and he headed straight for the oranges and reds. He picked out Rimmel Golden Hour (sparkly orange), L'Oreal Boozy Brunch (an orange creme) and Polish 01 (no brand was attached, it was a gift so not sure where it came from but it's a red).

I started by painting the red on as a base and then sponged on the oranges. I wanted to get a little lighter at the base so I decided to add a bit of Rimmel Sunny Days. It really looked like flames and so I painted on a phoenix using a black nail pen.

I really wanted the phoenix to look like a tattoo as my cousin likes his ink and has had some really cool work done.

I think the phoenix is so appropriate here as he has been through a lot but I know that he will find the clarity he is looking for and rise again. Maybe a bit cheesy but I don't care!

As I say, I'm just so proud of this. It turned out exactly as I hoped it would and I hope my cousin loves it as much as I do.

I was sad to take this off.

Happy painting friends!

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  1. You have really outdone yourself! These are genius and lovely!