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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My Momma's Sweater

I like to take inspiration from things around me and the other day my mom was wearing a cool sweater that I really liked the look of and thought it might make some fun nail art.

The nails didn't turn out exactly how I imagined but I think it was good practice with brush technique.

I started off with two coats of Color Club Evolution (a light blue). I then took out Essie Sexy Divide (a deep purple) and used a small paintbrush to put in the first lines. I then went in with Color Club Bright Nights (a deep blue) to put in the rest of the lines. When that was finished I wasn't entirely satisfied so I went back in with Evolution and beefed up the lighter areas.

Here are some pics of the original sweater that I used for inspiration.

As I say, it didn't come out exactly as planned but it's still interesting. I then decided to add a top coat using Revlon Matte Top Coat to make it have a matte finish and I think I like this look best.

Happy painting friends!

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