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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Nightmare Before Christmas Part 1!

I'm so excited for today's nails! I'm also excited as this will be a two part post because I couldn't decide on just one design. Today I will be featuring my first design for The Nightmare Before Christmas and later on I will feature another design.

So I decided for this one to feature some of the characters from the movie. On my pinkie I have the Mayor, on my ring I have the Oogie Boogie, on my middle is Jack Skellington, on my index is his dog Zero and on my thumb is the weird branchy thing that Jack walks out onto during the movie.

So I'll let you know what I used. For all my fingers I used a base of Sally Hansen Black Out. On my thumb I used a mixture of yellow and white acrylic paints for the moon which I applied with a tapered cotton swab and then went in with a black nail pen to make the branchy thing (sorry, I really don't know what to call it).

Zero is just a white nail pen that I lightly penned on to try to give him a "ghost" appearance and then added a spot of orange for his nose.

Jack is simply a round shape of white acrylic paint and then using a black nail pen I added his facial details. (Spoiler: my next nail art on this movie is all based on Jack!)

The Oogie Boogie is possibly my favourite! I took a tapered cotton swab and roughed in his shape using green acrylic paint. I then went in with a mix of the green and some white to add the highlights. Using my trusty black nail pen I added his eyes and mouth.

The Mayor is all acrylic paints applied with (again!) a tapered cotton swab. I'm not in love with him but it's hard to get a lot of detail on the pinkie.

I love this next photo as the Oogie Boogie is photobombing Jack!!

I hope you enjoyed this Halloween nail art and please stay tuned for the next installment.

Happy painting friends!


  1. I love these! You outdid yourself! I'm a huge Nightmare Before Christmas fan! Oogey Boogey looks fantastic.

    1. Thanks! And there's another post to come! I loved doing these.

  2. Love Zero, and the new website background!