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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Can't Wait For New Year's

When I first started today's nails I was thinking they'd be pretty, but actually I think they are beautifully fabulous!! I can see these being rocked on an evening out or on New Year's Eve. They are so bling-tastic I can't even stand it.

Oh how I wish I could capture glitter better on camera! I'm just gonna post a lot of photos so hopefully you get an idea of how sparkly these little beauties are.

I started off with a base coat of Orly Le Chateau which is a green that is so dark it looks practically black. I then put on a coat of Barry M Yellow Topaz which was the start of the bling. Here's what it looked like after these two steps:

I then decided to bump it up another notch and added rhinestones in two different sizes that were a light green colour and voila! New Year's ready nails.

I never think my pictures do the art justice (especially if I have anything that sparkles on my nails) but I hope you get an idea of what it looks like.

Happy painting friends!


  1. Hey girl hey! Something I've been seeing for sparkly nails lately is people posting Vines - it's just a short video where you move your nails around to show how glittery and multi-faceted they are. However, I know they don't have smartphones on the Island, might be out of luck.

  2. Wow! They remind me of space odyssey. These are incredibly gorgeous!

  3. can you do this with an enterprise on one?