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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Tinkerbell Makes an Appearance

I started this nail art with a new colour I just got, Revlon Zealous which is a super bright light green with a bit of shimmer in it. I then decided to add some sparkle to it, the glitter half of Revlon Moon Candy Milky Way and a white sparkle from LA Colors Color Craze.

My mom told me that wasn't good enough, lol. She told me that I needed to add a bit of design to it so I thought over night and decided that the bright green reminded me of Tinkerbell. The next day I added in Tinkerbell's face (well, part of it) in acrylics and just some simple silver wings.

I wish I had put a top coat on her face to smooth it out.

I didn't add a top coat mainly because I already had about six layers of nail polish on my fingers with all the glitter and everything.

What do you think? Good? Bad? Ugly? (LOL)

Not my cleanest work by far but it is cute!

Hope you enjoyed.

Happy painting friends :)

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